Toronto Irish Film Festival (TIRFF)

10th Anniversary | Feb 28 to Mar 1 2020


We’re delighted to be co-presenting the Toronto theatrical run for Liam O Mochain’s wonderful comedy LOST & FOUND.

The film will run from Friday Mar 29th to Thursday Apr 4th 2019 at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto.

Director Liam O Mochain will be in attendance for a special Q&A session at the Saturday March 30th, 6:45pm screening.

For TICKETS, click HERE.

For TRAILER, click HERE.

See you there!



Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the 9th Annual Toronto Irish Film Festival.

Through your loyalty we have, once again, achieved a record year in ticket sales.

We truly appreciate your support.

See you soon!


Download your Toronto Irish Film Festival 2019 Booklet here

FRI MAR 1st | 7pm | Under The Clock
SAT MAR 2nd | 12pm | Bloomsday Way
SAT MAR 2nd | 2:30pm | Pigeons of Discontent
SAT MAR 2nd | 2:30pm | Allan With 2 L’s
SAT MAR 2nd | 2:30pm | Strong At The Broken Places
SAT MAR 2nd | 2:30pm | Recovery
SAT MAR 2nd | 2:30pm | Grá & Eagla
SAT MAR 2nd | 2:30pm | Smithy & Dickie
SAT MAR 2nd | 2:30pm | Shed Men
SAT MAR 2nd | 5pm | The Belly of The Whale
SAT MAR 2nd | 8pm | Dublin Old School
SUN MAR 3rd | 12pm | Grá & Eagla
SUN MAR 3rd | 12pm | In The Shadow of the Glen
SUN MAR 3rd | 2:00pm | The Family Way
SUN MAR 3rd | 2:00pm | Bless Me Father
SUN MAR 3rd | 2:00pm | Troubles
SUN MAR 3rd | 2:00pm | Almost Home
SUN MAR 3rd | 2:00pm | Ma
SUN MAR 3rd | 2:00pm | Scope
SUN MAR 3rd | 2:00pm | Vegetable
SUN MAR 3rd | 2:00pm | First Disco
SUN MAR 3rd | 5:00pm | The Camino Voyage
SUN MAR 3rd | 8:00pm | The Dig

All Screenings | CINEMA 3 | TIFF Bell Lightbox | Map it HERE.

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