Now in its 14th year, the Toronto Irish Film Festival celebrates the very best of Irish cinema. With sold-out screenings from 2010 to 2020, TIRFF has quickly assumed the role of leading promoter of Irish film within Canada.

Through 2021 and 2022, we have shifted to a hybrid festival model which matched in theatre screenings with a digital ‘at home’ festival to continue to bring the latest in Irish film to Canada in the safest way possible.

Since 2010, the Toronto Irish Film Festival has committed to promoting the work of Irish filmmakers to the Greater Toronto Irish community and the city’s film-loving public. A proudly non-partisan organization, TIRFF has:

  • provided a platform for filmmakers from all parts of Ireland to showcase their work to a Canadian audience;
  • supported debut films of both Toronto-based and Ireland-based emerging filmmakers;
  • specifically showcased the work of Irish female directors, producers and writers;
  • exhibited films in Gaelic;
  • partnered with and co-presented Irish film at sister film festivals in Toronto;
  • specially commissioned Toronto Irish diaspora projects;

Reaching a potential audience of 250,000 Toronto residents with Irish descent, as well as millions of Toronto-based movie lovers, TIRFF provides a unique cultural destination for Toronto and Ontario-based ex-patriots to connect with the culture of home through the magic of cinema. The Toronto Irish Film Festival (TIRFF) audience includes first generation members of the Irish Diaspora, their extended families, those with Irish heritage and lovers of quality cinema.