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A selection of seven short films highlighting the most exciting emerging filmmakers on the island of Ireland.

Shadow – directed by Janna Kemperman

A happy young girl is her Dad’s shadow as they work their farm. When a family tragedy causes her Dad to retreat into himself “Shadow” takes it on herself to secretly keep the show on the road while her Dad finds his way back to her.

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Picture Day – directed by Jason Branagan

After learning that class photo day is approaching, a young boy comes face to face with the manifestation of his insecurities in the form of a troll called Alan.

Scrumpy – directed by Dan Holmwood

Scrumpy grapples with the impending arrival of his birthday, an annual milestone that casts a shadow over his spirits, as he navigates a whimsical yet tumultuous journey to reconcile his disdain for this cherished day of celebration.

Croí (Heart) – directed by Michael Flemming

Two explorers from an ill-fated expedition in the Antarctic find shelter as they face one last, impossible leg of their journey to safety and the reveal of the truth of what happened out on the ice.

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The Silence Between – directed by Ais Brady

After the realisation of how fickle life is, Maurice Murphy, mid-60’s and unkempt, decides to reconnect with a very important person from his past.

Superhuman – directed by Michael Flemming

After being rejected from professional football and diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease, an African-Irish leaving cert student is guided towards para-athletics; all while learning to deal with his new identity.

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Dear Imelda – directed by Árón Holden

In rural Ireland, Imelda and Grandson Ciaran form an unexpected bond to unite generations and connect lost friends.

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