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A selection of short films highlighting the most exciting emerging filmmakers on the island of Ireland.

Lamb – directed by Sinéad O’Laughlin

An ordinary day takes a sinister turn for a woman and her child when a stranger walks into their isolated rural home.

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Headspace- directed by Aisling Byrne

As the tensions and frustrations of life in a community house start to close in on him, a young man with Down Syndrome realises he may have to cross a line to end a nightly disturbance.

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Good Chips – directed by Nell Hensey

In Dublin 1989, a family of Vietnamese immigrants who struggle to keep their takeaway business afloat. Meanwhile their 12-year-old daughter strikes up an unlikely friendship with a local Irish boy.

Pediment- directed by Daniel Ugochukwu

When Timmy skips school to invite his estranged grandmother to his tenth birthday party, long-repressed issues of race and heritage resurface, threatening the cords of the family.

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Young People of Ireland – directed by Sophie Meehan

It’s the 29th of September 1979 and everyone in Dublin is going to see Pope John Paul II. Everyone except Marian and Pamela. A playful exploration of underground responses to social mores in 1970s Ireland, told through a day in the life of two young women.

Simon – directed by Peter McCarthy and Ben Conway

A desperate call for help pushes Simon to the edge.

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Butterfly – directed by Mercenary

Two detectives interrogate a hostage. As the interview drags on, something about the prisoner appears to be “off”.

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Burn it All – directed by Jack Hickey

After her father leaves her mother for her best friend, a devastated Bobbie embarks on a chaotic campaign of revenge…