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PAT  Directed by Emma Wall

Set in 1978, Pat tells the story of a lonely music lover who keeps in touch with her son in New York through the only phone box in the village.


CUINAS (SILENCE) – Directed by Tristan Heanue

In rural Ireland, a couple drive to the city to collect their teenage daughter from the hospital. On the way back there is a tension in the car and everyone seems happy to avoid talking about what it is that brought her there. During a stop off along the way emotions spill over and they are forced to address it and move on together.


MISS AND THE MISSUS – Directed by Katie Bridget Murphy

Childhood best friends try to bridge the distance between them on a girl’s night.


PEGGY & THE GRIM – Directed by Luke Morgan

Peggy gets a visit from the Grim Reaper.


PADDY  Directed by Roisín Kearney

It’s the late 70’s in London and a new generation is asking questions and finding answers, It’s called PUNK, and it doesn’t matter what you are or where you’re from.


SISTER THIS – Directed by Claire Byrne

Sister This is a modern-day female take on an old male stereotype of the “work away father”. When Caitlin is made an offer of work that she can’t refuse, she must explain that she cant make it home for her son’s birthday. As Caitlin explains her decisions to Denise we discover that a lot more is at stake than just a birthday party. The story explores the conflict between want and need, between home and away and between desire and responsibility.


ROUGH – Directed by Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson

In contemporary Belfast a young man faces retribution for the transgressions of his beloved dog.


THE GRASS CEILING – Directed by Iseult Howlett

In this creative documentary short film, three successful female athletes explore how being physically courageous, unapologetically competitive and deeply passionate in team sport can unlock a freedom to really occupy your own skin.


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