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HOW TO FALL IN LOVE IN A PANDEMIC – Directed by Michael-David McKernan

Two filmmakers match on Tinder in Chicago. Two weeks later they are forced to move in together in Ireland as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe and halts air travel. Using only smartphones, they document their unique romance and try to make sense of the situation.

DEFROST – Directed by  Meghan McArdle – Canadian Premier

After the death of Anne; a loving mother to Hazel and a devoted wife to Ted, Ted and Hazel find themselves drifting apart and Hazel feels like she is drowning in her Dad’s apathy. Unable to turn to Anne for help, Ted and Hazel are frozen beneath the surface of a fracturing family.

BARRIERS – Directed by Fiach Kunz – Canadian Premier

Martin lives an isolated and monotonous life on a farm. He tends to livestock, and cares — reluctantly — for his alcoholic father, Christie, who is confined to bed following a recent stroke. 

PARENTING – Directed by  Aoife Nic Ardghail – Canadian Premier

Fred has daughter Helen at her wits’ end with his moaning, until she finds an excuse to get him out of the house.

THE DEAD HANDS OF DUBLIN – Directed by Leo Crowley

The film tells the story of Sidney, a failed pianist who comes into the possession of a pair of enchanted gloves. Upon wearing them he soon finds himself playing the piano like a maestro and all his dreams are quickly realised! However just when he thinks he has everything he has ever wanted fate deals him a cruel hand…


Oona Doherty is a Belfast-based dancer and choreographer. She is bold, complex, arresting and ambitious. This innovative, poetic and visually arresting documentary is a portrait of Oona and the creative process behind her award-winning show Hope Hunt.

A BETTER YOU  – Directed by  Eamonn Murphy

Set in a dystopian Neo-Steampunk World, Douglas a shy introvert enlists the help of “A Better You” a customisable carbon clone to help him win the girl of his dreams.

ASCENDING GRACE – Directed by Claire Byrne

First officer Maedhbh has high hopes for her first day of work, but when she fails to impress Captain Cara and with a cabin full off restless passengers waiting to take off, it’s far from what she expected…

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