we will be joined by some of the directors!

Snooze – directed by Adam Collins  

A couple struggle to get out of their comfy bed.  — Click here to see a trailer

Ready? – directed by Emma Wall

Grace needs help with an audition but the only person available is her Man Utd. loving father, John. Tensions arise when a combination of John’s well intentioned but misguided efforts and some triggering material rake over some partially healed wounds for Grace.

The Secret Life of Jim – directed by Emmet Kelly

Nick tries desperately to have one more real moment with his father Jim who suffers from Alzheimer disease. But he fears he might have run out of time. This film explores the struggles of being a sole carer, grieving and the use of music to bring someone back.

How’s the dog – directed by Mick Robertson

Deranged by a sudden death in the family, a young woman flees to the countryside in the hope of establishing an idyllic rural life. Click here to see a trailer

Birthday – directed by Cathal J Ferris

One shot short following Jerry, a troubled man aiming to change his community by any means necessary. —  Click here to see a trailer

Haven – directed by Maureen OConnell

 Carmel is a lonely sheep farmer in her 70’s & a survivor of a Mothers and Baby’s Home. She strikes up an unlikely friendship with Tanaka, a young girl living in Direct Provision (an asylum seeker refuge) who wants to learn how to be a farmer.

Three Wishes – directed by Will McConnell

Three teenagers, wandering the streets of Belfast at night, ask themselves what they would do if they had three magic wishes.

The Stepmom – directed by Keara Barnes and Brenda Whitehall

Saoirse, a young Canadian woman grieving the death of her Irish mother, moves abroad to Dublin. There, she falls in love with an Irish man and finds herself in the unexpected position of stepmother. She and the young girl begin a burgeoning relationship which is compounded by the girl’s antagonistic mother. When the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself in Canada, Saoirse must choose between family life abroad or pursuing her dreams back home.