A late night program of shorts that explore the mythical, quirky and sometimes dark side of Irish life.


Bad Boy Buck- directed by James Fitzgerald

After a one-night stand with another man, a married farmer attempts to hide the affair from his family as the truth drives him to breaking point.

Lady Betty – directed by Paul McGrath

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In a cozy corner of a country pub, two old friends wile away the evening trading tall tales. Soon they begin telling the story of Lady Betty, the first and only female executioner in Ireland.

Bean Feasa (Wise Woman) – directed by Daniel Butler

The skeptical daughter of a traditional healer has her certainties challenged when she encounters one of ‘the Good People’ Bean Feasa is an Irish-language supernatural drama inspired by Donegal folktales and filmed on location in the Donegal Gaeltacht.

Fable of a Ditherer – directed by Alan Bradley

Ditherers! Shut your eyes tight. Cover your ears. You may think you can escape your past life, your mistakes. But she is coming. She comes for us all, in the end.

Hermit – directed by Sarah Benson

In a dystopian future, Mother Nature guards the last of Earth’s flora deep underwater. When the last of humanity – a hermit building a shelter – makes a discovery, greed takes over.

Red Rabbit – directed by Rory Kerr

An anthropomorphic rabbit struggles to find peace and relaxation at home. These attempts are thwarted by a destructive shoulder devil, who takes glee in ruining any chance of tranquility.

Padraig – Brian Benjamin Dwyer

A visit to a historic French Chateau brings an unexpected encounter.

Regular Rabbit – directed by Eoin Duffy

The good name of a seemingly regular rabbit falls victim to an unstoppable tide of disinformation.

Family Night – directed by Alan Dunne

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An offbeat short horror film set in the winter of 1995, A pre divorce era Dublin, Ireland. It tells the story of a family forced to take part in a family night by their extremely strict father. Throughout the night, tensions build as they are forced to have dinner together, sing songs, play charades and watch a movie, all while trying to keep their father (Eoin Quinn) pleased. However, not all is as it seems in the household.