A Celebration of some of Ireland’s most exciting emerging talents!

Wireless – directed by Brian Benjamin Dwyer

Married couple Ziggy and Teddy, a fun-loving middle-aged couple, who lose the run of themselves on a secluded Cork island after they believe they are the only ones there.

First Date – directed by Clara Planelles

Tina, a recently widowed farmer, doesn’t want her daughter to move back to the city and leave her alone. When Seamus arrives on the farm talking about a date, she decides to intervene.

#NanaRocks – directed by Leticia Agudo

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A woman celebrates her 78th birthday, accompanied by her two granddaughters. The eldest, Rachel, regales her with loud attention, gifts, and photos she incessantly posts online. The youngest, Rosie, quietly works away cleaning, cooking, and sorting Nana’s meds.

Focail Nua (New Words) – directed by Andrew Keogh

There are over 300 new words added to the Irish language every month. Ireland has two full-time terminologists, whose job with the help of a 23-member voluntary expert committee is to create hundreds of new Irish words and phrases every month.

The Radio – directed by Laura Kavanagh

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An elderly widower depends on his radio to keep a foothold in his routine, when it breaks, his daughter, who knows how important it is to him, is forced to pay more attention to her isolated father.

Mary Martin & Ben – directed by Ethan Donoghue

A young couple trying to come to terms with their Child’s recent diagnosis, Martin a Traveller can’t fight his inner demons and let’s the diagnosis plague his daily life. While Mary fights to keep the family together and tries to be the backbone the family needs.

Safe as Houses – directed by Mia Mullarkey 

On a hot summer’s day, Aggie, a woman with Down syndrome, offers shelter to a young girl, Lucy, when her homelife is not so welcoming.

The Wall – directed by Jason Branagan

Having been badly injured in a road traffic accident that took his wife’s life, Martin finds himself with a growing dependency on pain medication. When his prescription is reduced it sets into action a chain of events that force him to confront his grief, his addiction and his strained relationship with his daughter, Eimear.

A Stone Place – directed by James Skerritt

A visual journey showcasing a unique rock that is quarried on the side of the biggest cliffs in Europe and that has created the aesthetic of a small rural town in the west of Ireland.