Seán Ó Cualáin is a Galway based film maker, his first documentary Mé Féin’s Mo Mhéit (TG4 2002) based on 2 former boat racing champions was acclaimed as being the definitive Irish documentary, understated, visual and confident storytelling. His most recent work has seen him progress to feature documentaries which have garnered awards in Ireland and internationally. These documentaries have premiered at prestigious festivals across the world including TIFF, IDFA, DOCNYC and SheffDoc. His work has been theatrically released in Ireland, USA, UK, Japan and Canada and broadcast on TV stations in over 50 countries worldwide. His versatility has seen him work with a diverse range of stories and characters, be that documenting the cast-asides of modern life, the demystifying of literary giants, the delicate tale of a bishop’s secret lovechild, to the remarkable legacy of an iconic image and tragic sporting icons. His latest project ‘In the Shadow of the Glen’ tells of the decay of rural life and the loss of an ancient Gaelic civilisation.

In The Shadow of the Glen premieres Sun Mar 3 | 12:00pm | Irish Language Program