Irish film duo AnneMarie Naughton and Andrew Burke have launched Rangle, a unique new digital platform that works to connecting skilled crew with production companies in real time. “Rangle is now the most efficient, cost effective way of identifying the best available crew for your production in the shortest period of time, It’s that simple” says Naughton, founder and CEO of film production company Park Films. Producer Naughton and co- founder Burke, graduate of IADT & New York Film Academy, bring the perfect balance of industry experience, along with a fresh-eyed approach to streamlining industry practice, and bringing it in line with efficient technologies.

The concept for Rangle came out of their individual frustrating experiences of accessing great crew for a project, particularly during busy periods of the year. “The team you assemble has such a huge impact on the quality of the project,” says Naughton. “We’ve been on the frontline for many productions so we have first hand knowledge of the challenges and stresses associated with crewing up. Connecting the right people with your project dates so you can go into production can be a very stressful and lengthy, time-consuming process.”

“There is currently no single reliable source where all skilled crew are listed for each of the different sectors we cover: Feature Film, TV Drama, Animation, Commercials, TV and TV Doc and Post Production including VFX,” adds Burke.

Not content to simply identify the problem, the duo knew there had to be an easier way than old school rolodexing and playing phone tag for days on end. They built the solution – the Rangle website and sister app.

“The App is always free for crew to download. Companies will use the Rangle website, create a production with details, and push a notification out to the relevant roles. All Crew on the App can respond with their availability, It’s a win-win for all and it’s so simple to use!,” says Naughton. Much of Ireland’s content comes through co-productions and there is huge potential for this to scale to other territories as it is an identified problem throughout the Industry.”

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